A robust, full-bodied dry red aged 10 months in American oak barrels. Nicely balanced with flavors reminiscent of dark fruit and chocolate. The grapes are custom grown for us in Washington.

Enjoy this full-bodied red at room temperature with hearty meats or chocolate desserts.


A rich, opaque deep purple wine with flavors reminiscent of lush blackberry, plum and grilled sweet red pepper. The finish is a spicy oak flavor that comes from aging in American oak with a hint of juniper-like berry. The grapes are custom-grown for us in Washington. We crush the berries and the long fermentation on the skin brings out the richest flavor of the ripe grapes.

Enjoy this wine at room temperature with beef, venison, lamb and olive dishes.


A new trend...unoaked Chardonnay allows you to enjoy the pure fruit expression of the Chardonnay grape. This is a light and fruity wine with notes of green apple and tarragon. Untouched by oak, this is Chardonnay in its own grandeur!

Enjoy chilled with shrimp, trout, white meat or sauces.


Cedar Creek Winemaker Philippe Coquard has “a lot of pride in putting Wisconsin forward" with this medium-bodied, flavorful dry red. Marquette is made from Wisconsin-grown grapes and aged in Wisconsin oak barrels for 6 months. It features notes of black cherry and blueberry and is best enjoyed at room temperature.

Enjoy with grilled food, spicy food


In French, Bon Vivant translates to "Lover of Life" or a person who has taste, enjoys wine and lives well. This young bright dry red made from Wisconsin-grown Foch grapes vibrantly expresses Good Living! Made in a Beaujolais-style of uncrushed, cool fermentation brings out aromas of berries that sing brightly to your nose as clean, light, crisp notes of cherries and a dry fruity finish dance on your taste buds. This wine is among a new trend of grapey ready-to-drink wines. Taste the essence of Bon Vivant. Cheers! Life is delicious.

Enjoy this wine at room temperature with white meats and sauces, hamburgers and grilled foods.


This semi-dry wine is classy white with aromas of roses on the nose and flavors of ripe pears on the palate.

Serve chilled with light pasta dishes.


Available Now! Released August 11, 2017.

Vogue Rogue is a soft, slightly sweet grape wine with notes of raspberry preserves. The newest addition to Cedar Creek's lineup, that is playful, fun and like its name, a bit edgy.

Best enjoyed young.

Enjoy this wine slightly chilled with appetizers, grilled meats and pastas.


The phrase “La Belle Vie” is a play on the French expression meaning “The Beautiful Life.” This crisp and refreshing semi-dry white wine is a very well-balanced inspirational expression of that idea as a palate of soft mangoes with a subtly sweet finish floats on your taste buds. Take the time and enjoy La Belle Vie. Cheers! Life is delicious.
Enjoy chilled with appetizers, seafood, pasta and grilled foods.


A light semi-dry Riesling, complex with hints of coconut and citrus that dance on the palate.

Enjoy chilled with pasta, seafood, Asian dishes and salads. Best enjoyed young.


A very aromatic semi-sweet white wine with flavors reminiscent of candied fruit.
Enjoy chilled with appetizers and cheese.


A fresh, semi-sweet grape wine with bright juicy cranberry flavors and a gentle, lingering finish with a hint of sweetness. This grape wine is made from Seyval Blanc grapes custom grown for us in New York. We add fresh Wisconsin cranberry juice at just the right time.

Enjoy chilled with appetizers, salads, pasta, and grilled foods throughout the year. Best enjoyed young.


A well-balanced sweet grape wine with flavors of pineapple and golden apples.

Very enjoyable as dessert or with desserts, such as cheesecake. A wonderful addition for any occasion.


A flavorful sweet red wine full of spices, such as orange peel, lemon peel, cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

Cedarburg Spice is a very versatile wine. It is ready to drink at room temperature, can be slightly chilled during the summer months, or may be gently warmed for those cold winter nights.


Cedar Creek Rosé is an innovative style of wine. Produced from cold-pressed red Marechal Foch grapes with a little bit of white Edelweiss grapes, and fermented to a beautiful pink color. The fresh fruity flavors of the grapes bring out notes of pomegranate balanced by a juicy sweetness.

Enjoy this wine well-chilled before dinner with appetizers.


Sorry, sold out.

Each year, the community of Cedarburg celebrates the harvest of the local strawberries with a festival. Farmers bring their fruit downtown in late June for the enjoyment of all. We are proud to feature this wine as part of the array of strawberry delights. This wine is a grape wine with a burst of freshness from the addition of strawberry juice.

Strawberry Blush is a refreshing summer treat before dinner, with dessert or on ice. Serve well-chilled and enjoy all summer long!


Sorry, sold out.
A luscious semi-dry wine made from Seyval, Vidal Blanc and Marquette grapes with flavors reminiscent of kiwi and grapefruit.

Enjoy this wine chilled with festive foods of the season.


Direct from our winemaker Philippe’s uncle’s vineyard in France, a small, traditional winery like ours. Uncle Pierre’s Beaujolais is grown on a mild slope covered with flint stones. The “earthy” taste is specifically related to the soil and is known as “terroir.”

This wine is made in the traditional Beaujolais style and is a light-bodied, classy wine. Fruit is reminiscent of dried cherries and balanced nicely with depth and complexity.

Enjoy at room temperature with summer sausage, white meats and pizza.


Delicious bubbly treat of pure white grape juice, no sugar added.