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August 1, 2017

Cedar Creek Winery to release new Vogue Rogue wine

Cedarburg, Wis. – In celebration of their 27th anniversary, Cedar Creek Winery will release Vogue Rogue, the newest addition to their lineup of wines, on Friday, August 11. From 10 am-6 pm that day, winery guests will be able to sample Vogue Rogue, paired with gourmet Wisconsin cheese.

According to winemaker Philippe Coquard, Vogue Rogue isn’t just new, it’s different from any other wine in the Cedar Creek collection. A red wine made of custom-grown New York Corot Noir and Noiret grapes, it’s soft and slightly sweet, with notes of raspberry preserves.

“Vogue Rogue is an exciting departure for us in terms of style,” says Coquard. “I never imagined making a sweeter red wine, but it’s absolutely in the spotlight right now. We’ve been listening to what our guests are asking for, and we’re responding in a bold way.”

Like the wine itself, Vogue Rogue’s label is fresh, new, and a little bit different than the rest at Cedar Creek.

“We had fun coming up with a name and a look that we felt was fitting for the wine…playful, fun, a bit edgy. We think our guests are really going to enjoy it.”

Vogue Rogue is best enjoyed young and slightly chilled, with appetizers, grilled meats, and pastas. It will be available at Cedar Creek Winery and for $9.50 a bottle.