Measurement of sugar found in grapes and juices.
A variety of wine grape that produces a deep red wine.
A clean, crisp grape variety producing white wine.
The act of splitting grape berries to release their juices by passing them through mechanical rollers.
The act of removing the stems from the grapes to exclude the bitter tannins they contain.
A hybrid variety of white wine grape created in Wisconsin and known for its cold-hardiness.
A variety of red wine grape, mostly grown in the Beaujolais region of France.
A variety of white wine grape known for its perfumey characteristics.
Picking the grapes and bringing them into the winery. We hand-harvest our grapes.
A cross of two species of grape vines to create desirable characteristics such a cold hardiness (e.g. Marechal Foch, Edelweiss) We rely on cold-hardy hybrid grapes that will survive Wisconsin's winters.
A hybrid variety of red wine grape created in France and known for its cold-hardiness.
The grape juice, skins, and seeds before they have fermented.
A variety of pink-grey wine grape related to Pinot noir, producing a white wine.
Equipment used to squeeze the juice from grapes or wine from the mass of skins and seeds with which it fermented.
The act of squeezing juice or wine from grape solids. We use a bladder press which pushes the solids against the screen of a large drum as a rubber bladder inflates, separating the juice or wine from the grapes' skins and seeds.
Removing the previous year's growth in late winter or early spring to help invigorate the vine and set the crop for the following season.
A variety of wine grape that produces an aromatic white wine.
A variety of wine grape that produces a deep red wine.
The wine produced by a variety of grape (e.g. Pinot grigio).
A French hybrid variety of white wine grape.
The study and practice of growing grapes.
A species of vine native to North America, often used for creating hybrid vines and for table grapes or juice grapes (e.g. Concord, Niagara).
A species of grape vine used to produce most of the world's wine grapes (e.g. Riesling, Pinot noir).