How to Enjoy Cedar Creek Wines

Whether you plan to enjoy our wines now or save them for later, here are a few tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of each bottle.


You might notice a couple different closure styles on various bottles of Cedar Creek wines:

Cedar Creek bottles with screwcaps let you know it’s a young wine that is meant to be enjoyed right away. Simply grip the bottle with one hand and the top portion of the screwcap with the other hand, twist it to the right and VOILA!

Cedar Creek bottles with corks tell you it is a wine that has been barrel-aged. While there is a variety of different corkscrews available, the most common type is a levered, or “waiter’s,” corkscrew. Make sure to always have one hand holding the bottle while you use the corkscrew.

First, cut the top portion of the capsule to reveal the top of the cork. Next, Set the end of the “worm,” or curly q, on top of the cork and twist to the left. When the corkscrew is nearly all the way through the cork, place the metal arm of the cork screw at the top of the wine bottle and gently push the lever down as the cork slowly moves out of the bottle and PRESTO!