Settlement Connection

The shops of the Cedar Creek Settlement provide visitors with a unique shopping experience. Our winery is just one of more than 30 wonderful retail shops and 2 restaurants within the 3 buildings that make up the historic Cedar Creek Settlement, with production facilities in the cellar and a retail and tasting space on part of the first floor.

Originally built in 1864, the building was once one of the largest woolen mills west of Virginia. The mill was powered by the rushing waters of Cedar Creek, which were channeled down the mill race and through an open-flume water wheel. The 50-horsepower water wheel generated electricity and ran the mill's 21 looms and knitting machines, which converted heavy Wisconsin wool into yarns, blankets, flannels -- and even socks for the old Chicago White Sox!

In 1972, the building was purchased and restored by Jim & Sandy Pape, who renovated the building into a working winery with retail shops, setting in motion the development of the downtown area into the historic district that it is today.